Greenfield babysitter is accused of battery and neglect:

'Punched, slapped, if you spill something': Greenfield babysitter accused of neglect, battery

GREENWOOD, Ind. — “Mom, you get beat up.”

Court documents show that was how one boy answered when his mother asked him what happened when children were disciplined at their babysitter’s house in Greenfield.

The Department of Child Services contacted the Greenfield Police Department in mid-September after several parents, who hired 29-year-old Meleiah Fisher as a babysitter, noticed various injuries like bruising, popped blood vessels, and hematomas in their children.

Meleiah Fisher booking photo

Parents told police Fisher gave them various reasons for the injuries: kids playing “rough”, falling off the toilet, hitting a pole, falling down the stairs.

However, when detectives spoke to children, they were told a different story, according to a probable cause affidavit.

One child told police Fisher swats, kicks, and punches kids to discipline them.

[Redacted] stood up and started kicking his legs and throwing his arms, while doing this he was grunting. [Redacted] said that Fisher was slapping his brother.

He said discipline at his babysitter’s house translated to being “punched, slapped if you spill something or make a mess,” according to court documents.

The woman also told police she’s witnessed Fisher on the couch looking at her phone while children play by themselves in the garage. Fisher also reportedly told the woman “she has been through the system and knows how to talk to law enforcement.”

Another parent told police he was concerned about another juvenile who stays in Fisher’s home. He believes Fisher takes care of the children “from a distance.”[redacted]Another parent also told police that he was concerned about a juvenile who lives in Fisher’s home.

He believes Fisher takes care of the children “from a distance.”

Another child told investigators about an incident in Fisher’s home, where the woman allegedly picked up one of his siblings, then dropped her in the garage, where she hit the wall and then the floor.

The child also revealed kids were not allowed to cry while being babysat, and his sibling was punished for being loud while babies were sleeping.

Police received a medical report for one child’s injuries on September 21. The medical examination revealed that there were eight victims. However, detectives acknowledged that other children may have been abused or neglected while Fisher was caring for them. Investigators say many of the abuse accusations regarded children who could not yet speak.

Fisher was preliminarily charged with eight counts of neglect of a dependent and two counts of battery.

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