Jordan’s Fish & Chicken original owner sets the record straight on cleanliness

Original owner of Jordan’s Fish & Chicken sets record straight about cleanliness

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Jordan’s Fish-Chicken-Sandwiches at 42nd Street and Post Road was closed six days ago by the Marion County Health Department after a viral video was posted on social media showing simply disgusting conditions.

Now, the owner of the original restaurant chain told I-Team 8 that location has nothing to do with what he calls the real stores.

“I was really upset. I was very mad,” said Moe Eedous, the original owner of Jordan’s Fish & Chicken, about the viral video.

It showed a mouse on the floor of the lobby of Jordan’s Fish-Chicken-Sandwiches, 4175 N. Post Road. Eedous stated that the video showed an employee who was not wearing shoes and food being served to customers from open containers.

Eedous was the owner of all Jordan’s locations in Indianapolis at one time. Some of the locations he owned were sold over time. Omar Siedahmed registered the 42nd Street and Post locations. News 8 visited his house last week, but no one answered.

You guys can have it for this many months until you have the operation and everything is going well and you guys can tear the sign down.’ They did tear the sign down and they put it back up without our knowledge,” Eedous said.

I-Team 8 called the owner of the location seen in the viral video to confirm this account of events, but they haven’t responded to our message.

I-Team 8 spoke with attorney Trezenay Atkins last week about this situation. She is a trademark lawyer. Since speaking with her, Eedous hired her to handle trademark infringement of Jordan’s Fish & Chicken.

Atkins said trademark applications were filed at the state and federal level with the goal of preventing restaurant owners from using Jordan’s Fish & Chicken as their name unless they have permission.

The attorney told I-Team 8, “I don’t think it’s a quick process. Eedous believes it is a long-term solution. He said the following locations are original and have permission to use his restaurant’s name, even if he doesn’t own the location:

7035 E. 96th St.

5841 S. Crawfordsville Road.

4824 S. Emerson Ave.

  • 3681 W. 86th St.
  • 6165 Allisonville Road.
  • 7354 Shadeland Ave.
  • 7003 E. 38th St.
  • 404 E. Thompson Road.
  • Eedous said anyone can come check out how clean they are. We are very worried right now. We don’t want our name to be hurt by anybody’s mistakes.”
  • The owner of the location at 42nd and Post can fix their health department violations and reopen as a restaurant.

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